Other Asian Maples

Indicates gold fall color   Indicates red fall color

Quite often we have larger trees available. Please inquire! This list is updated regularly, but may not represent our actual inventory. Please call or email to confirm availability, sizes and prices.


Acer buergerianum (shown at right) - The "Trident" maple, native to China, is known for being hardy and easy to prune and shape. Acer buergerianum are hardy in several ways: they can grow in poor soil, handle hot and windy conditions (and even withstand some drought), and are cold hardy to Zone 5.

Acer buergerianum Mino yatsubusa - This cultivar forms a dense dwarf shrub, perfect for container or bonsai. Limited sizes available.

Acer campestre Carnival - dwarf hedge maple. This charming shrub-like tree is great for small areas and/or container growing. Foliage is grey-green with a wide white margin. In the spring this margin is both pink and white. Plant in part shade. Fall color: yellow to gold.

Acer circinatum Allyn Cook - Native to the western regions of North America. The 'Vine Maple' is not, therefore, truly a "Japanese" Maple - but is normally included in collections of them. It makes a multi-stemmed tall shrub. Allyn Cook is a new dwarf introduction. Bronze fall color.

Acer circinatum Little Gem - This dwarf tree grows ever so slowly into a dense globe. Marvelous fall color.

Acer circinatum Monroe - Green leaf turns gold in fall. Best in partial to deep shade. Fast grower to 10 feet.

Acer circinatum Sunglow - A new selection. Appears to have a rather dwarf habit. Spring foliage is bright apricot-colored; a notable contrast to typical green of the species.

Acer crataegifolium Veitchii - Bold variegation makes this small tree very desirable. Some leaves are entirely marked with white and pink and others are pure blue-green.

Acer griseum - Called the "Paperback Maple," this tree originally came from China and is very hardy. In the winter the tree's coppery-reddish bark peels away in thin sheets. Leaves provide a brilliant display of red fall color. 4-5 ft. tall—paperbark really shows. Older trees available. Cold hardy to Zone 5, possibly Zone 4.

Acer japonicum Fairy Lights - More finely divided foliage than any of the other japonicum cultivars. Dwarf. gold fall color red fall color

Acer japonicum Aconitifolium "Maiku jaku" (pictured at right in November) - This is the extraordinary tree known as "Dancing Peacock" and as the "Fern Leaf Maple." Large green leaves with deeply cut lobes create a lush, fern-like feeling all summer, and then turn rich shades of red in the fall. Several sizes available.

Acer japonicum Ao jutan - Round green leaf, dense habit.

Acer japonicum Green Cascade - Large, round dissected leaves on this sturdy, rather fast growing tree. Open, pendulous form.

A. j. Emmitt's Pumpkin - Sturdy, upright -growing maple with an open structure. Large green leaf turns rich shades of orange and dark red around Halloween.

Acer japonicum Itaya - Green leaves which are large and round. Excellent fall color: red, yellow & orange. Upright, stocky tree.

Acer japonicum Lovett – Small leaved for a "japonicum" with gold tones in fall. Experts note this tree is more winter hardy than many Acer palmatum cultivars.

Acer japonicum Meigetsu (shown at right) - Foliage is bright green with some texture. Fall colors are blends of gold and red. A sturdy tree which will take sun, it will grow to 20 feet or more, forming a round-topped canopy with maturity.

Acer japonicum Mikasayama - Medium-sized roundish green leaf. New foliage is light green with a silvery sheen. Sturdy plant of medium height. - Acer japonicum Oregon Fern - Very large and deeply cut leaves turn magnificent colors in the fall. 5 gallon trees only at present.

Acer japonicum Oregon Fern - Very large and deeply cut leaves turn magnificent colors in the fall. Available as a 3/4 year old tree.

Acer japonicum Otaki (shown at right in November) - Round green leaves are divided about half the distance to the center. Early to leaf out, the flowers are noticeable on this lovely small tree (12-15 feet at maturity). Fall coloration is an outstanding feature of this cultivar: blends of red, crimson, gold, and orange. Rare.

Acer japonicum Ruby - Pleated new foliage and dark pink leaf stalks. Each rounded leaf is tinged with ruby red. Color remains, especially at the margins, during the growing season. New bark is dark red. Ultimate height is unknown.

Acer japonicum Silver Cardinal - The species of this upright maple remains a mystery—and it is a beautiful one! Eye catching pink/red stems and plentiful silver markings on dark green leaves. Provide filtered sun in hot afternoon areas. Currently we have 4 foot trees.

Acer japonicum Vitifolium (shown at right in November) - Exceptionally large leaves are a deep green spring and summer. This tree is known for brilliant orange-red hues in fall. Grows to 20 feet plus. Available as two and four year grafts as well as mature specimens

Acer monspessulanum - The "Monpellier Maple" forms a small (18-30') densely branched tree. With its small leaves it is very suited to container culture--especially bonsai. Three-lobed green leaf turns a pleasing rose color in fall. This tree withstands some drought.

Acer pentaphyllum - Nearly extinct in its native China, this tree has many unique traits. The leaf is divided to the base into five elongated lobes. Green turns to mixed fall color— predominantly golden and oranges. This tree is not particularly cold hardy and requires a sheltered location.

Acer pseudoplatanus Eskimo Sunset -  Covered with flecks of pink, this leaf is truly unique. Also, because the Sycamore-like leaf is very large,  people stop and take a very long look!  This tree will probably not grow tall; but final height is still not certain. Part shade.

Acer pseudosieboldanum - "Korean Maple" - This small Asiatic maple is extremely cold hardy, to -40  F. The tree also tolerates wide springtime temperature swings. Mature height is in the range of 18 to 25 feet. Bright red fall color. Sorry, not available at this time.

Acer rufinerve - Another tree of the snake-bark type. Broad leaves in three lobes provide autumn colors in red and orange-yellow tones. Available in 5 gallon size and larger.

Acer shirasawanum Aureum (shown at right) - Golden Full Moon Maple. This graceful, sturdy tree seems to draw visitors who inevitably become admirers. Spring and summer color is a glowing golden green; Fall colors in tones of red and rust red. Mature height is approx. 15 feet in about 25 years. Hardy to Zone 5. Two/three year trees, and older and very mature specimens available.

Acer shirasawanum "Autumn Moon" (shown at right) - Hardy to Zone 5. The name aptly suggests the delightful orange and rust overlay on the green leaf in spring.. Sunlight helps to intensify the colors and hold them longer into growing season. Several sizes available.

Acer shirasawanum Ezo-no-momiji - Small and slow growing, this tree eventually will reach 15 feet in the landscapel Rough textured leaf is more pure green and has less of the `aureum' glow than its cousins.

Acer shirasawanum Green Snowflake - The circumference of this leaf seems uniformly and perfectly round. A sturdy little tree.

Acer shirasawanum Jordan - Golden green foliage makes this new semi-dwarf a lovely highlight to your maple collection. The light green color usually holds throughout the summer months. Our three year trees measure a little over 24 “ from soil level. Provide them with a filtered sun location.

Acer shirasawanum Junihitoye - Leaves are the smallest of cultivars of shirasawanum. Expect a 9 -12 foot tree in many years. Not available.

Acer shirasawanum Microphyllum (shown at right in summer and November) - Leaves similar to Aureum in shape; their color is a bright, fresh green which turns gold in Fall. Hardy to Zone 5. Height: 12-15 ft.

Acer shirasawanum Moonrise - This is a very recent  introduction to the fascinating shirasawanum group.  We are hoping it will be sun tolerant and will be monitoring  it closely this growing season.  Spring leaf tones on Moonrise are bright red. 

Acer shirasawanum Mr. Sun - Medium-sized, round leaf on a low branching shrub like tree. Each lobe comes to a sharp point creating a `sun burst' look. Fall color starts early: First of September the tips were growing red - gradually the entire leaf colored with orange and red markings.

Acer shirasawanum Oguryama - Several weeks of rich color display during the fall is a strong feature of this tree; green leaves turn rich orange blended with scarlet. It is also a good strong grower forming a multi-branched bush of 12-15 feet.

Acer shirasawanum Palmatifolium - Tree-like shrub 18-20 feet high and as broad. Brilliant autumn shades of scarlet and orange. Hardy to Zone 5.

Acer shirasawanum "Red Dawn" - Leaves with elongated lobes are a shade larger than other cultivars of shirasawanum. They are tinged with red. Upright to 12 feet. Recently introduced to the trade. Hardy to Zone 5. Three/four-year trees, and older trees are also available.

Acer shirasawanum 6910 - This tree, with rounded dark green leaf, comes from a seedling selection from Holland. Still known as "6910", it displays an open and balanced structure. Grows at a steady rate to about 15 feet.

Acer shirasawanum Sensu - Green leaves are slightly serrated. Fall color is in the orange hues. Name translates: Moving Fan

Acer sieboldanum, Sode no uchi - Dwarf plant with small leaves. Great cultivar for container, bonsai and/or alpine gardens. Fall color is yellow with splashes of crimson.

Acer Silver Cardinal - The species of this  upright maple remains a mystery—and it is a beautiful one! Eye catching pink/red stems and plentiful silver markings on dark green leaves. Provide filtered sun in hot afternoon areas. Currently we have 4 foot trees.

Acer triflorum - Unique "craggy" bark and vibrant autumn color. A somewhat rare plant of exceptional hardiness (to –30 F). Native to northern China and northern Korea; to 20-30 ft.